Learning Begins at Bold Print Book Shop.

Bold Print Bookshop creates opportunities for parents and children to learn through discoveries and interactions.

Learning through discoveries and interactions allows for the development of new perspectives. Learning becomes enjoyable and the effects are long lasting.

Some of our Services.

Educational Resources.

We provide parents and teachers with quality resources that they can use to assist their children. These resources make learning exciting and interactive.

Workshops for parents and children.

These workshops include but are not limited to Reading Workshops, Art & Craft sessions, Teaching of Reading and the Teaching of Mathematics.

They are being offered at our sister company, Desha Academy.

Tutorial Services.

Tutoring services are provided for children in Standard 3, 4 and 5 at our sister company, the Desha Academy.


The Enixar – Solitude of Sin

by Mikkell Khan

Petra and the Panman’s Daughter

by Phillip Simon

Petra and the Poui

by Phillip Simon

The Enixar – The Sorcerer’s Conquest

by Mikkell Khan

The Mini Marine-Biologist’s Guidebook

by Katrina Khan-Roberts

The Life Skills Project Book 1

by Sparkle N. Vallee

Brown Sugar and Spice

by Betty Peter

Awesome Father from Awesome Me

by Charisse Broome

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