The Coronavirus Pandemic – Reshaping our World

How do we manage?

For the most part, we have found ourselves in a state of cognitive dissonance as a consequence of this unique experience – the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Undoubtedly, many of us have to manoeuvre through the maze of home-schooling in addition to completing chores while others have to manage the limited resources in food and finances. The loss of jobs due to the closure of many businesses has had a devastating impact on the economy of several countries.  All these conditions affect us in one way or another.

Parents have to manage their children’s education and other activities such as working from home while completing household chores. These activities can be extremely stressful. Parents who are no longer employed are now forced into developing new skills in learning how to cope with the mounting stress brought about by their new environment.  Negative emotions coupled with anxieties that are brought about with the pandemic can become quite a handful. This may become even more difficult for parents who have more than one chid. In spite of this, parents are still expected to take charge of essential activities with less cash at their disposal or in some cases no income at all. 

To add to their state of confusion, parents are wondering about:

  1. How are they going to pay the bills?
  2. When would this end so that we can return to a state of normalcy?
  3. How would the education of their children be affected?
  4. How would the postponement of activities such as the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) and other forms of assessment and examinations like Caribbean Secondary Examination Certification (CSEC) and Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) affect their children’s education?
  5. Would their children be expected to make up for the time loss?
  6. When would a vaccine for Covid-19 be developed?

In order to successfully cope with all that is happening, there are various mechanisms that may assist us in these trying times.

Spiritual – being conscious of the spiritual nature of human being is of utmost important at this time. 

Physical – since our movements have been curtailed, many of us find ourselves cooking more than usual; we have to find creative and innovative ways to take care of ourselves physically through exercise/workouts, yoga, etc.

Intellectual/Mental –taking care of ourselves physically and spiritually would definitely impact on our intellect or mental state.  It is proven that various forms of exercise help reduce stress and anxiety that usually accompany periods like these.  Being spiritually grounded also assists in comforting us.

Social – we now depend on technology heavily to assist with our socializing.  We no longer can socialize on the beach or rivers, at the bars or other entertainment spaces like the cinemas and theatres. Keep in touch with family and friends through the technology that is available.

Emotional – how we feel emotionally is impacted on the other areas that were previously mentioned.  Our emotions can remain intact if we are mentally, spiritually, physical and socially sound.

To maintain a positive outlook, we should give consideration to some of these mechanisms so that we can control how we respond to this present situation.

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