Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

Since technology has improved the inter-connectivity of the world, we should consider implementing much of this technology in our classrooms. Children are naturally inquisitive, creative and individually possess a rich imagination.

As a result, technology can and should be effectively used to teach children, as their inquisitive nature fits perfectly with the many creative and educational uses and benefits of technology.

How can technology be infused into the classroom?  Technology can be infused through the use of the following:

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards

Also known as a smartboard, an interactive whiteboard offers a much better, engaging and interactive experience for students. It can be used to display videos and photos alongside hand-written notes to create a multimedia approach to presenting material. Since interactive whiteboards are easy to use, they can also function as an aid for students when delivering classroom presentations.

Audio Recorders

For reading exercises, digital voice recorders can be used by teachers to record their students’ while they read. If children can listen to themselves read, they can get a sense of how to improve their reading fluency and pronunciation, etc.


Using handheld devices like tablets can enable students to have greater interaction with educational material through mixed media (websites, apps, etc.). Parents can also save money over the cost of printed books for their children.

Video conferencing

High-speed Internet can connect classrooms in different parts of the world and allow students in different locations to participate in the same lessons. This can also be an effective way for students and teachers to collaborate across large distances.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing offers a wide range of opportunities, from teaching a class whether the teacher is physically present or not, to meeting with parents who cannot participate in face-to-face teacher-parent meetings.


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